Morning Rundown: Pope Accused of Heresy After ’60 Minutes’ Interview


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Pope Accused of Heresy After ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Pope Francis certainly ruffled the feathers of many, especially those in the Protestant sphere of faith, in his interview with CBS news magazine “60 Minutes,” making some rather suspect comments about the goodness of humanity.

The quotes implied that humanity in itself is good, leading many to ask him on social media why then did Jesus have to die on the cross?

“We are all fundamentally good. Yes, there are some rogues and sinners, but the heart itself is good,” says Pope Francis.

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Kathryn Krick Reveals Stunning Testimony of Ministry Explosion

In an exclusive interview with Charisma Media, Krick shared how after experiencing the glory and power of God in her mid-twenties, the plans she had for her life were radically altered. Committing her life to God, Kathryn received a prophetic word that she was supposed to become an apostle of Jesus Christ. It was prophesied that through her, God would perform many mighty miracles throughout the nations.

Taking this prophecy and the belief that “revival is now,” Kathryn eventually embarked on starting Five-Fold Church. However, instead of the church rapidly growing, things started going backwards. On New Year’s Eve of 2020, Krick put together a compilation video of God moving through her tiny church and posted it on TikTok. The response led to an explosion of miracles and healings.

“The video went viral and it hit 1 million views. But the real miracle is that there were thousands of comments of people testifying of miracles they received while watching,” Krick says. “People saying ‘my pain left, my sickness left when I watched this.’”

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Are the Cyberattacks on the Water System Part of a Prophetic Warning?

Are the cyberattacks against water utilities in the U.S. part of an earlier 2024 prophetic warning?

Earlier this week the Environmental Protection Agency issued a warning that action is needed right now in order to protect our nation’s drinking water systems.

NBC News first reported that America’s water systems are not fail-proof against cyberattacks from hacker groups based in Russia and Iran. NTD further added that China has been a part of these cyberattacks. The failure to make sure our water systems are safe include not changing passwords or ensuring that former employees no longer have access to these systems. These cyberattacks have already impacted states like Pennsylvania and Texas.

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