Mom Credits the Lord After Shocking Birth Takes Place on the Way to the Hospital


A Kentucky woman who shocked her husband when she recently gave birth to their second child in the passenger seat of a car says the wild experience was a “true testimony of God’s faithfulness.”

Brooke Canady, 30, woke up May 8, feeling strong contractions. Soon after, those contractions were suddenly just five minutes apart, Fox News reported.

Canady, who was 37 weeks pregnant, called her doula for advice and was told to go to the hospital. So, she and her husband, Jeffrey, got in the car and started heading there.

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“Once we were in the car on our way, my contractions were so intense the only thing I could say was, ‘Flashers,’ telling my husband to turn on his flashers and get to the hospital as quickly as he could,” Canady told Fox News. “Fifteen minutes into our drive, my body started involuntarily pushing.”

Just before reaching the hospital, Canady told her husband she thought the baby was coming. Not long after, little Truett was born at a stop light, leaving Jeffrey in total shock.

“He was so focused on his driving and getting us safely to the hospital that he never took his eyes off the road and was shocked,” she told Fox News. “He looked like he had just been scared by a ghost and yelled, ‘AHHH!’”

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Canady gave WKYT-TV a bit more context, explaining that she wasn’t making any noise leading up to the birth, which made the baby’s arrival that much more surprising to Jeffrey.

“He was driving like crazy, and I saw [the baby’s] head, and then his little shoulders, and then his little arms reach up,” she said, recounting the experience. “And I just put him on my chest right while we were pulling into valet, and he parked the truck, and had no idea I had the baby and looked over at me and looked like he just saw a ghost.”

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