Morning Rundown: Cahn Talks Mental Health Amid MacArthur Backlash


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Cahn Talks Mental Health Amid MacArthur Backlash

Pastor John Macarthur is facing backlash from the Christian community after his statements that PTSD is nothing more than grief.

“If you understand, take PTSD, for example, what that really is, is grief. You are fighting a war you lost. Your buddies, you have a certain amount of survival guilt because you made it back, they didn’t. How do you deal with grief? Grief is a real thing. But grief is part of life, and if you can’t navigate grief, you can’t live life,” MacArthur said.

As the Christian Post reported, MacArthur further said, “But if you clinically define that, you can give them a pill, a series of medications, and they end up in LA, homeless on the sidewalk. This is, in regard to children, it’s the most deadly thing that’s been unleashed on children—medication.”

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Jesse Duplantis: ‘Poverty Is a Curse’

There is a wide range of opinions and emotions within the Christian community when it comes to blessing, prosperity and poverty.

Interpretations of various verses in the Bible as well as analyzing the words of Jesus and how He lived His life has failed to bring about a consensus on how Christians should view money and wealth.

On a recent episode of Boardroom Chat, televangelist Jesse Duplantis, alongside his wife Cathy, addressed the issue of poverty and the absence of prosperity in one’s life, calling it a “curse” and the result of disobedience.

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Joni Lamb: Her Incredible Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Over the last 40 years the Lord has carried me through countless storms where it appeared by all outward circumstances that I was going under. Fear would try to overtake me, along with doubt, and apprehension, but I always knew He was there, and I could trust Him.

Some days it’s that you’re just tired and worn out, but the Lord will be faithful to give us strength when we are weak. I’ve also witnessed how the Lord has delivered and empowered so many of the incredible men and women of God I’ve been honored to get to know over my years of ministry.

Yet, it hasn’t always been easy. I mean, who starts a Christian TV station with no money in a place like Montgomery? How do you raise a family? I mean honestly, it had better be God because otherwise it would be crazy.

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