Bill Johnson: Miracles Are Mandatory


Are miracles still for today?

“We could sit in a pew and wait for the rapture,” Johnson says. “He gave us power and authority to deal with the works of the devil. He gave us power and authority to silence that illegal voice that torments people with lies and deceptions. And He’s given us the great privilege to walk in the anointing that Jesus Himself walked in. It’s a miracle mandate.”

He further notes that we don’t have the luxury to change the assignment God has given us. Instead, we must do the work God has called us to so that miracles may abound.

“I may stink at what God’s called me to do, but I don’t have the luxury of changing what He’s said to do just because I don’t do it well,” Johnson says.

Doing miracles alone does not guarantee salvation in Christ. Citing Matthew 7, Johnson says it is only by having a relationship and being obedient to God that we will enter into heaven.

“He said, ‘just because you call me Lord it has to be demonstrated by your obedience,’” Johnson says. “Obedience seals what was revealed in Scripture.”

“Don’t say ‘He’s my Lord’ and yet you don’t pray for the sick,” Johnson says. “Jesus didn’t give us the Spirit of the resurrected Christ so that we could sit down and wait for someone else to do something. He put the Spirit of Resurrection in us because He’s looking for us to confront death, loss [and] destruction.”

“It just comes down to obedience,” Johnson says.

The question now remains: Are you obedient to what God has called you to do?

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