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Be Moved by Your Faith, Not Your Feelings


By clinging to the promises in 2 Peter 1:2-4, we can escape the corruption of this world. We accomplishing this by clinging to these promises and siphoning the oil from these Scriptures. We are then escaping the corruption of this world and being transformed into the newness of life. Breaking news, Spirit-filled stories. Subscribe to

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What We Can Learn From Memorial Day


When we lived in the Midwest, Memorial Day weekend always seemed like the beginning of summer. For our family, it always included planting (or replanting) annual flowers. Flower seeds and bulbs are somewhat homely by themselves, but they hold hidden life and beauty within their uninteresting exterior.  They actually have two realities. One flourishes underground,

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Memorial Day: Honoring Our Defenders


Today, Memorial Day, the U.S. pauses to remember those who gave their all in our defense. Warfare is one of the oldest activities of mankind. Beginning with Nimrod in Babylon, rulers have used force of arms to subjugate their enemies and often, their own people. The great empires of antiquity—Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece and

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FIRST LOOK: ‘Reagan’ Biopic of 40th President


The long wait is over. We now have our first look at the highly anticipated biopic Reagan. Showbiz Direct released its first trailer for the much-anticipated film, and CBN News’ Studio 5 is sharing it first. The film stars Dennis Quaid and shares the story of America’s 40th president, Ronald Reagan, and his journey from

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Top of the Week: Greg and Tai Locke Appointed as Apostles to the Nations


Following are snippets of the top stories posted over the past week on We encourage you to visit the links to read the stories in full. Greg and Tai Locke Appointed as Apostles to the Nations In a recent service held at Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Pastor Greg Locke and

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Kathryn Krick Reveals Stunning Testimony of Ministry Explosion


In an exclusive interview with Charisma Media, Krick shared how after experiencing the glory and power of God in her mid-twenties, the plans she had for her life were radically altered. Committing her life to God, Kathryn received a prophetic word that she was supposed to become an apostle of Jesus Christ. It was prophesied

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God Has Called You to Be Different


The church is like a prism that will take one bright light source and disperse it into a rainbow of different colors. In the throne room of heaven, there is a rainbow over the throne of God because “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5b, MEV). In that

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Jenny Weaver’s Spiritual Warning: It’s Time to Get Unstuck


We all go through hardships and spiritual ruts in life. However, learning how to come out of these tumultuous storms is the key to walking in spiritual authority. In a recent message, Jenny Weaver gave a spiritual warning to those who may be feeling stuck in their current situation. She says if you’ve been in

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The Mystery of the Inverted Angel Has Been Unlocked


Our understanding of good and evil tends to be different than God’s. But can the angelic hosts themselves be deceived away from good and prompted toward evil? Get your FREE CHARISMA NEWSLETTERS today! Stay up to date with current issues, Holy Spirit news, Christian teachings, Charisma videos & more! In a sermon, Jonathan Cahn uncovered


PRAY: Seducing Wave of Adultery Engulfs American Cities


What better place to strike in the nuclear family than at its very core: the husband and wife. The relationship that is symbolic of Jesus Christ and His church that is responsible for raising future generations into Godly living and lifestyles. Fox News recently interviewed the chief strategy officer of the now infamous cheating and

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Russell Brand: Pentecost and the Holy Spirit—What is it?


Comedian and podcaster Russell Brand has shown no signs of slowing down his education on who Jesus is and why Christianity stands apart from the other world religions. Brand continues to delve deeper into the Bible and Christian community while updating his massive audience on his findings, and how the Lord is radically shaping his

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