Morning Rundown: Carl Lentz Announces Newest Venture Amid Return to Ministry Rumors


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Carl Lentz Announces Newest Venture Amid Return to Ministry Rumors

After raising many questions on social media about a potential return to ministry, with a mixed reaction from many, Carl Lentz has announced he is not returning to a ministry position, but is instead starting a podcast.

“No, I’m not back” the Instagram video announcement read. “That guy is gone.”

The podcast entitled “Lights On with Carl Lentz” is scheduled to premiere on June 4, and will be available on all streaming platforms.

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What the Trump Verdict Means for the Prophetic

While there were many prophecies spoken about Trump, especially prior to the 2020 election, many of which were proven to be false, how does this trial in particular relate to the supernatural? Have the prophets spoken, and if they have, what is it that they have said?

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After Guilty Verdict, Can Christians Still Support Donald Trump?

“How can you follow Jesus and Donald Trump?” Many are not following a man; they are shaping a movement.

A better, biblical question to be asking is this: What direction is the country heading?

The short answer to the original question is “Absolutely, especially after a sham trial that resembles Venezuela more than America.”

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