Former CEO of Orange Children’s Curriculum Provides New Details Into Scandal


The former CEO of Orange Children’s Curriculum, Kristen Ivy, is giving new details about the circumstances surrounding her and Orange founder Reggie Joiner’s respective departures from the organization last month.

Ivy and Joiner both resigned from their positions after admitting to an “inappropriate adult relationship.”

Ivy is now alleging that her relationship with Joiner was “clergy sexual abuse.”

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An email from Ivy, which was obtained by The Roys Report, described her relationship with Joiner as “clergy sexual abuse.”

“During my time of my original interview, I was prepared to protect Reggie at all costs because I was laboring under years of the belief that protecting Reggie was the only way to protect Orange,” the email details.

Ivy writes that she “was still living within the mental frameworks I had been coerced to believe.” She says it is through seeking counseling and professional help that the reality of “compounded trauma” has finally hit her. Ivy alleges that Joiner used his power to cross boundaries with other women, too.

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“The truth is that Reggie has repeatedly abused his power and used it to gain access to vulnerable, often very young women, slowly crossing boundaries, isolating them, and eventually coercing them into agreeing to the abuse,” the email documented.

At the time of Ivy and Joiner’s resignations, board chair and governance chair Joel Manby and Jennifer Barnes acknowledged that Joiner “has admitted to past inappropriate adult relationships, which violated our company policy and eroded trust within our organization.”

During this time of heartbreak, this is a moment to pray for God’s light to continue to shine in the darkness for everyone affected by this incident.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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