Did This Prophecy About Iran Come True?


Has a prophecy about Iran from 2022 come to pass?

In the wake of the fatal helicopter crash of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, it can be wondered if God gave any prior warning about the shift of power that would eventually come to Iran.

Sharing a prophetic word from two years ago in May of 2022, Joseph Z unveiled what he believes the Lord had to say about Iran for this time and season.

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“This I saw is Iran,” Z said. “We’re going to begin to see these guys take a step up in the news or in the narrative of what’s going on around the world. There is something that’s unwrapping with this nation and they have a part to play in many events and circumstances.”

While it was unclear at the moment how Iran would fit into the grand scheme of upcoming events, Z knew they would be heavily involved in some type of worldwide drama, potentially involving death.

“There’s something going to begin to hit the news about Iran. There’s serious events going on here. I believe there’s going to be loss of life. I believe there’s going to be collisions. I believe there’s going to be controversy…” Z prophesied.

The description of loss of life, collision and controversy can all directly relate to the passing of Raisi as his death was in the middle of a crash. Iran has also come up recently in wake of the Hamas attacks against Israel with their own strike against the Jewish nation. Author, rabbi and prophetic voice Jonathan Cahn recently uncovered a prophetic mystery surrounding Iran during the end times.

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“Ezekiel says that in the last days the nation of Persia, or Iran, will be an enemy of the gathered nation of Israel,” Cahn said.

Z believes the fulfillment of this prophecy about Iran was one of the major events that he prophesied would happen in the 40 days following the eclipse. To him, there’s no coincidence that this came to pass on Pentecost.

“I believe this is a word not only the fact that it involves Iran, but I believe the nations,” Z said.

Z says there are lots of implications that come with this prophecy, including a spiritual flood.

“This represents the washing away of the assault on this generation,” Z said.

Part of this cleansing, he believes, means that 2025 will be a year of fire of restoration. While the cost associated with this restoration will be great, it will be the catalyst to bring a new America forward.

 While there is much still to happen for these prophecies to be completed, the hope of a new day of revival and restoration is worth holding onto.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.