We Must Not Squander This Moment


We live in one of the most critical moments in American history.

How we respond twill go a long way in determining our nation’s future—or whether our nation even continues to exist as the United States of America. That’s why the title of my October 2021 book was “Revival or We Die: A Great Awakening Is Our Only Hope.” There was no hyperbole in either the title or subtitle. I believed then and now that, without a sweeping revival in the church that leads to a national awakening, America as we know it is doomed. We will either continue to fall into moral and spiritual confusion, ultimately crashing and burning, or we will break up entirely as a nation. Either way, without revival, we are in very critical condition.

But here’s the catch: Revival alone will not get the job done. Revival alone will not turn the tide. We must have a revival in the church that leads to a reformation in the society—an outpouring that leads to awakening. Otherwise, we are doomed. A powerful revival movement without a national awakening would just delay the inevitable or, worse still, simply make us more accountable. Yes, it’s revival and awakening or we die. Or do we really think the right political candidate or the latest social program will solve our problems and cure our ills? No way.

Much to Fix—But How!

How do we fix things when most American adolescents watch large quantities of graphic online pornography and when most children are exposed to coarse porn by the age of 13 but some as early as age 7? How do we fix that?

How do we fix things when 40% of our children are born out of wedlock and half of first-time mothers bear children out of wedlock? CBS News reported that as far back as 2013, 83% of first births to non-high school graduates came to unwed mothers, and, “By 30, two-thirds of women will have had a child out of wedlock.” By 2019, America had the “world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households,” Pew Research said. What is the political or social solution to problems like these?

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