Prophetic Word: ‘The Spirit of Jezebel Has Been Unleashed’


There’s no hiding from the spirit of Jezebel.

He states: “There is a hijacking in the realm of the spirit. and the spirit of Jezebel has been unleashed.”

“This is a mayday hour, and the body of Christ needs the gift of discernment now more than ever,” Arayomi says.

Discernment is needed more than ever because if we do not use it, we will be led astray, further and further away from the Word of God.

“The enemy is working hard through preachers and pastors and leaders unfortunately to tear down one another,” Arayomi says.

This is where the Jezebel spirit comes into play. It is Jezebel’s mission to keep the body of Christ confused, unsure of what is of God and what is not.

“Jezebel will accuse others of being Jezebel and you will not know the difference because both will be dressed in the same disguise,” Arayomi says.

“The Spirit of God says, ‘How else can I call you to a deeper level of intercession if I don’t raise up your messengers of Satan and your thorns in your flesh?'”

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