Morning Rundown: 1 Million Methodists Leave Denomination in 1 Day


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1 Million Methodists Leave Denomination in 1 Day

The United Methodist Church continues hemorrhaging members over their stance against biblical gender and sexuality, and those numbers just skyrocketed in recent days.

Following the UMC’s decision to remove wording in their central rulebook which said homosexuality was “incompatible with Christian teaching,” the denomination lost over 1 million members as the Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Conference based in West Africa voted to leave the apostate church.

Within the Ivory Coast Conference Declaration statement they claim the UMC in America “is not based on any biblical and disciplinary values.”

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Mario Murillo’s Biggest Ministry Announcement Yet

“We’ve gone a long road down to an American death spiral, and this spiral is so clear,” Murillo says. “Things are much worse than you know.”

Murillo says the Lord has asked him to completely change the trajectory of his ministry. His former ministry track is no longer applicable; God has something much bigger He is calling Murillo to for the gospel to be proclaimed.

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Yes, Free Palestine—From Hamas

After his victorious bout in a major combat sports event this past Saturday night, UFC fighter Bassil Hafez said, “There is something I wanna say. I have been having it in my heart for a long time. I don’t support genocide. I don’t support innocent women and children being killed for war and for money and power. We are all God’s children and we all deserve a fair chance in life. Free Palestine.”

While Hafez didn’t mention Israel by name, his message was clear. Israel is committing genocide. Israel (with America’s help?) is killing “innocent women and children … for war and for money and power.” Israel is not giving the Palestinians “a fair chance in life.” Palestine must be free from tyrannical, murderous Israel.

To be sure, I share his sentiments that “we are all God’s children” (in terms of being His creation; see Acts 17:28), that everyone deserves a fair chance at life and that it is absolutely tragic that innocent women and children are dying in Gaza.

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