Max Lucado Shares End Times Prophecy with Glenn Beck


In a recent interview with Glenn Beck, renowned Christian author and pastor Max Lucado shared his insights on the current geopolitical climate and its implications for biblical prophecy. Lucado brings up a significant point that sets our era apart from previous historical periods, including World War II: the existence of the state of Israel.

“The big thing, the big difference between right now and even World War II is the existence of the state of Israel,” Lucado asserts. He explains that Israel’s reestablishment is a pivotal prophetic sign, marking a unique period in history. This, he argues, suggests that we may be in the final days before Christ’s return.

“Israel has to be a nation for many of the prophecies to be fulfilled, namely the reconstruction of the Temple,” he explains.

Lucado emphasizes the importance of interpreting current events spiritually, not just politically. He reflects on Jesus’ admonishment of religious leaders for not recognizing the signs of the times.

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“You see red sky in the morning, you know it’s dawn, but here I’ve given you sign after sign and you have not watched,” he quotes. Lucado believes that understanding these signs can prevent panic and instead prepare believers for the changes ahead. “He gave that to us so we would not be freaked out… He told us these things so that we would not panic.”

A key aspect of Lucado’s message is the call to deepen one’s relationship with God through prayer and Scripture. He acknowledges the challenge many face in maintaining spiritual discipline amid life’s distractions and doubts, often attributing these challenges to the influence of Satan.

“Satan has never told a word of truth ever… The last thing he wants us to do as people right now is turn to God in faith,” Lucado cautions. He encourages believers to persist in their faith, recognizing that such perseverance brings peace with God, which in turn fosters peace with others.

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Lucado’s discussion also highlights the current global turmoil and the need for faith and unity. He commends calls for the country to return to God’s promises, arguing that reliance on divine promises is essential for navigating the world’s problems. “We either hold on to the problems of life or the promises of God. It comes down to that,” he states.

These insights serve as a reminder of the importance of spiritual vigilance and reliance on faith. By understanding and interpreting the signs of the times, deepening our relationship with God and focusing on His promises, believers can find peace and strength amid global uncertainties.

This approach encourages believers to persist in their faith, fostering both personal peace and unity within the broader community. Embracing God’s promises offers a way to navigate the complexities and challenges of our world, reinforcing the need for faith and spiritual preparedness in these turbulent times.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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