Mario Murillo’s Biggest Ministry Announcement Yet


“We’ve gone a long road down to an American death spiral, and this spiral is so clear,” Murillo says. “Things are much worse than you know.”

“The Lord said, ‘I want you to stop everything.’ I’ve gotten rid of all my long-range plans. I don’t have a five-year plan. What I have now is a plan that is absolutely essential. All reasoning has gone out the window in favor of the urgency of the hour we’re in,” Murillo says.

In order to shift our political culture, grow the number of workers for the harvest and provide a future for the children of America, Murillo’s ministry is working toward gaining the resources necessary to invite more people to hear the message of Jesus.

“Every 18 months we’ve had to buy a new tent that was twice the size of the one before. Now we need a 7,000-seat tent. We need a larger stage. We need lighting I’ve got to buy 4,000 chairs,” Murillo says.

“We are building a studio. A media center. It’s going to be 3,000 square feet and 19-feet-high. It will have state of the art equipment to produce content,” Murillo continued.

Murillo’s expansion plans also include a 20,000 square foot warehouse to house all of the tools and equipment needed to set up the evangelistic crusades.

“It’s designed for a semi to drive into the warehouse in one door and go out the other. We’re going to leave those trucks loaded and ready to go,” Murillo says.

The ministry expansion includes a $400,000 media trailer as well.

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