Jenny Weaver: Breaking the Curse of ‘I’m a Bad Mom’


As a mother herself, revivalist, worship leader and author Jenny Weaver wants all mothers to know they are not a “bad mom.” They are not a failure as a parent in the eyes of Jesus.

In this interview with Charisma News’ John Matarazzo, Weaver prophesied to women in the body of Christ that they are “soaring” and that they should celebrate Mother’s Day with joy and gratitude for their children and for Jesus’ influence in their lives.

Weaver said she had a mother who prayed her through when she was “out on the streets.” She is grateful for the prayer covering of a godly mother, and that is what brought her out of the grip of the enemy that could very well have dragged her into hell.

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Here is Weaver’s prophecy to mothers for this joyous holiday on Sunday:

“I just lift up every mother right now in the name of Jesus,” Weaver prays. “And I pray, God, that You would strengthen them and their innermost being when they feel that they are failing as a mother. I decree and declare that they are not failing, but they are soaring.

“And God, I thank You, Father, God, that You are breaking the curse of ‘I’m a bad mom’; we break that curse, that lie from the pit of hell off every mother right now, in the name of Jesus, woman of God, you have felt like you have not done enough; you have felt like you have made bad choices,” Weaver prays. “But I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to you today, ‘I will restore everything. I will restore you.

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“‘I will make the crooked places straight,” she continues. “I will put the pieces back together.’ And I just decree and declare that over you in Jesus’ name. Nothing is too far gone In Jesus’ mighty name. … Thank you, Lord, I have felt all week, a heart for mothers who have lost children. I just pray right now, that in this time during this Mother’s Day where you see everybody being celebrated, and you’re thinking, ‘But what about my baby that I lost? Am I still a mother? Am I called a mother?

“‘And what about me? When am I going to be restored?’ You’re hurting right now,” Weaver prays. “I pray for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding to guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus right now. I pray, woman of God, that you would know that, yes, you are a mother; that has not been taken away from you. And I pray that the Lord would just speak to your heart right now that the Lord would just cover you in the name of Jesus. I pray right now for restoration.

“In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray that you will run and you will not grow weary, you will walk and you will not think in the season,” she adds. “May the joy of the Lord be your strength. You’re going to get your laugh back; you are going to get your dance back. You’re going to get that pep in your step back. You’re going to get your sleep back in the mighty name of Jesus. I just pray over every son and daughter that they will be honorable, that they will be submissive, that they will be kind, that they will be listening they will be teachable. In Jesus’ mighty name.”

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