Christian Musician Faces Backlash For ‘Songs About Whiskey’


Christian music artist Anne Wilson is facing backlash for her new tune, “Songs About Whiskey.”

The singer, who first rose to fame for her hit single “My Jesus,” has some of her fans concerned because of her reference to alcohol in this latest song.
Speaking with Crosswalk Headlines, Wilson says that some have been worried she’s “gone off the deep end.”

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“I’ve had some fans reach out already and be like, ‘Okay, no that kind of worries me like, have you gone off the deep end? Have you left God behind?'” Wilson says.

She encourages these fans who immediately look at the title of the song without listening to the lyrics to take the time to deep dive into its meaning before criticizing it.

“I’m like, ‘Just wait and listen to the song and then come back to me,’” Wilson says.

The chorus of the song actually uses references to country music songs about alcohol and other worldly pleasures not being enough to fill and stir the soul in the same way music about Jesus does.

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“I’ve heard songs about Jack Daniels / Songs about Jim Beam / Heard songs about one-night regrets / Neon and nicotine / I guess I’m just kinda fixed on / The only thing that’s ever fixed me / That’s why I sing songs about Jesus / Instead of singing songs about whiskey.”

Wilson’s music video for “Songs About Whiskey” was filmed at a bar, to take, a place where she says she has performed the song and received a very similar response to when she’s sung it at churches.

“I’ve performed it at a bar, and I’ve performed it at a church,” Wilson says. “And it’s the same response in both scenarios. And I love it…I think it’s a fresh perspective on a song about whiskey that really hasn’t ever been written before.”

While not everyone will agree with the take on the song and its title, Wilson says it’s her ultimate goal to glorify Jesus above all else.

“I do this for Jesus and His glory,” Wilson says.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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