Benny Hinn’s Regrets: ‘I’m a Human Being. I’ve Made Mistakes’


In an exclusive interview with Stephen Strang, Benny Hinn addressed his two major regrets in regard to prosperity gospel and prophecy.

“I’m a human being. I’ve made mistakes,” Hinn says.

When it comes to ministry, Hinn says his first regret is about mishearing God when giving others prophetic words.

“I was not too wise a number of times with prophecy,” Hinn says.

“Their prophecies were not really a prophecy. They went outside the borders of redemption,” Hinn says. “There were times when I thought God had showed me something that He wasn’t showing me. And I spoke it out.”

“Sadly, and I wish I could go back and fix it, but sadly there was some promises I gave that were not accurate or from the Lord. But who’s perfect? And for that, of course, I asked people to forgive me. I’m just human and made mistakes like that,” Hinn says.

Hinn says his imperfections are bound to catch up to him again, and for him and for all of us, it will not be until we are with Jesus that we will know what it is to be perfect.

“It’s sad when people focus on the times you missed it,” Hinn says.

“When I started in ministry, it was simple. And then the ministry grew. I was invited to go to what they call praise-a-thons. And I think that’s when my troubles began,” Hinn says.

Hinn recounts that in 2019 he no longer wanted to be part of the “gimmick” of prosperity-based circles.

“Sadly, I let pressure get to me. And because of that pressure, I said things and did things I should not have done. And for that, really, I am sorry,” Hinn says.

“Right now, my focus is the Lord, and only the Lord. And if of course there will be the time when I may have to raise funds for our ministry, I will do it as biblically as I know how, and balanced,” Hinn says.

“The heart of prosperity has to be the gospel through biblical prosperity. And that is what I will do and strive to do for the rest of my life,” Hinn says.

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