Benny Hinn’s Public Apology: ‘I Am Sorry’


Amid controversy as a recent four-hour-long video by Mike Winger has come out showcasing the past pitfalls of Benny Hinn’s ministry, Hinn has publicly come out to make his statement about his prior ministry mishaps.

While not blaming any one particular party for the things he’s encountered, Hinn says pressure from others is a key piece of what got to him as he built up his ministry.

“I let pressure get to me. And because of that pressure, I said things and did things I should not have done. And for that, really, I am sorry,” Hinn says.

As Hinn reflects on his years in ministry, he’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly. He admits his ministry has been far from perfect, and after years of trial and error, he has found keys others should know before they walk out in their calling.

While Hinn has been at the center of controversy many times over, he is publicly making admitting his faults, the traps he fell into with prophecy and prosperity, and ultimately, His need for God’s direction just like anyone else.

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